How We Can Reduce Violence
by Jeffrey Seelman

We can stop violence by first understanding the root cause.  Many violent acts are caused by anger.  Anger is an emotional energy.  Emotional energies are not physical energies.  Emotional energies are created in each of us on nonphysical levels of our being.  Some people call this level the Spirit.  Some people call this level the Soul.  There are two essential parts to our being.  The physical and the nonphysical.  Call it what you may, they both exist.  They are both functional.  Both are alive.  Two essential parts to us, the physical is a temporary experience, the nonphysical is indestructible and eternal.  There are physical sciences, as well as non-physical sciences.  In that nonphysical part of each of us, is where our emotions begin.

That nonphysical part of us generates many kinds of energies and energy fields, all the time, 24 hours a day, while awake or sleeping.  We generate emotional energies from the very first day we are born.  Among the many energies we generate, one energy field is called the aura.  The aura is a protective shield, generated by that nonphysical part of us, and is meant to protect us from negative or harmful emotional energies from others.

Many people for many reasons generate negative or harmful emotional energies like rage,anger and hatred. All three have slightly different energies to them, and intensities.  Anger can be healthy, when used and released appropriately as energy.  When it's not released appropriately or not released at all, it can have devastating effects upon the individual, and those who come into contact with the individual. Because we are taught to hold in our feelings, we do.  We can also hold in the emotional energies that accompany these angry or hostile feelings towards ourselves or others.

So many people have great amounts of trapped emotional energies locked inside of their energy fields, causing the physical and nonphysical systems to improperly function.  Too much trapped emotional energy in our system can cause the mind to be distracted towards negative thoughts and feelings, towards ourselves and others.  Acting as a lightning rod, new negative events and feelings experienced by the individual, activates the trapped emotional energies stored in that person's energy fields, causing small emotional events to become large ones.  Negative emotional events occurring on a larger scale, can also have a quick and severe impact upon the national and world consciousness.  We can stop violence by exercising personal energetic self-control.

By understanding the energetic properties of violence, the individual can control the body's energy fields, greatly reducing the risk of violence.  Learning how to release negative emotional energies like anger is scientific and practical in its procedure and application.  Our energy fields do not really want to hold in excess and negative emotional energies. We need only learn how to access our own energy fields, in order to clear and release them on a daily basis.  Releasing negative emotional energies can be accomplished by an experienced practitioner that works with energy fields.  Also, by clearing much accumulated excess and negative emotional energies, our bodies are naturally retrained to continue to release harmful emotional energies that we come to contact with everyday and emotional energies from our past.

Too much trapped emotional energies in our bodies energy fields can lead to inner stress, anxiety, sleep problems, health issues, anger and violence, and a host of other issues that arise when the physical and nonphysical systems are not functioning properly.

The responsibility to end violence lies with the individual.  We each are capable of taking care of our nonphysical systems as well as our physical bodies. We also need to learn how to protect ourselves from harmful emotional energies generated by others we come into contact with at work and social situations.  There are practical methods to strengthening our auras and emotional energy fields. There are simple, yet effective methods that work, and will make a difference.

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