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I created my services in 1992 in order to help people with energy problems in their living environment, working environment and also in their body's personal energy fields. Aside from in-person work, distance teaching and clearing is just as effective. Through pictures and/or Skype, home, business and personal clearings can be accomplished. Telephone and Skype is an excellent method to teach individuals how to protect themselves from negative emotional energies easily picked up in the home, work and just about anywhere.

Appearances on Sy-Fy Channel Sightings, E Entertainment Television, Strange Universe, 5 appearances on Coast-To-Coast with George Noory, including my latest appearance: October 12, 2018. I have also appeared on hundreds of radio shows, newspaper and magazine articles, television news feature stories and much more throughout the years.
Emotional energies accumulate over a period of time or sometimes quickly, charging the atmosphere. This negative charge and the atmosphere needs to be cleared out as quickly as possible so it does not affect you or your family. Just about everyone has a story of spending time in a room that doesn't quite feel right. What you're picking up on is emotional energy. It's all around us and we do feel it every time we go into the store, restaurant or any place where people have spent time.

Negative emotional energies and everything else need to be cleared out of the living environment. It is also wise to have negative emotional energies cleared out of the workspace or work environment. Keep your own body's energy fields and those who you care about, including your pets, in the best condition possible. You need to do Wherever You Are in the World I Can Help You

Many people wonder why I charge so little?

When I first started my work professionally in 1992, I decided that I wanted everyone to have the ability and affordability to be able to let me help them. Not everyone is doing well in our world, and I felt it was important, and I still do, that my services be affordable to everyone, regardless of their income. I do not ask my clients how much money they make and I do not care.

I can do in person clearings as well as distance clearings. There is no such thing as distance when it comes to emotional energies, psychological energies nor the ability to affect the various kinds of spirits that exist.

It is All a Matter of Focus

I was born with psychic abilities and throughout the decades learned a very simple yet profound rule. Positive nonphysical energies can have a profound effect upon negative emotional energies including negative spirits. This is the cornerstone of my work. That's how I can help people all around our beautiful planet. Through technology of Skype and other video sources, telephone and pictures, I can focus in on the unique vibrational rates that all people and property have. That allows me to focus in on an individual's energy field where the energy fields of living or business property and successfully clear negative emotional energy as well as anything else that is negative that may be affecting the person, residence or business.